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Linear Search

Linear Search Linear search is a basic search algorithm that sequentially checks each element in a list until the target element is found or the list is exhausted. It resembles how you might search for a specific word in a physical book by flipping through pages one by one. def linear_search(list1, x): """ Performs linear […]

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Algorithms : What is an algorithm and their importance?

Algorithms : What is an algorithm and their importance? Algorithms: The Building Blocks of Technology Algorithms are the building blocks of technology. They are the instructions that computers follow to solve problems. Algorithms are used in everything from smartphones to self-driving cars. Without algorithms, our lives would be much more difficult and less efficient. In

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Machine Learning Programming

Machine Learning Programming Machine Learning is a subset of artificial intelligence which provides machine the ability to learn automatically and improve from experiences without being explicitly programmed. The concept is to make a computer learn, capable of using experiences and we need not program it again and again.  In traditional programming, we provide input associated with

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Programming We are in the era of fast-pace advancing technology and machines. To interact with machines, we program them. To understand programming, think of a machine as a child who doesn’t know what to do but when instructed, does what was supposed to do. This can be understood as Programming i.e. Programming is the process

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